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Smoother than a criminal that leans- smoother than polished chrome on the dome of mr clean-
Smoother than anything of this earth- aliens come down to marvel at what I created out the mirth
If you were to spy it from the sky swoon from the moon than I hit the boom- boom boom- watch the flowers bloom-
Enemies running up the trees like terrified raccoons

Oh neat how could they ever hope to compete-

Dead in the water like ghost ships-
Death on the grips-
I rhyme and I rip- smoother than a 720 lyrical back flip
and I land on my feet I dont repeat what ery body else does

the same old speal from a new white face- these guys I dont feel-
Not tryna kill in a non figurative way I’m just just spittin words the eb and flow of how my mind sways HEY HEY

I’m not tryna pretend I’m yer cool friend-
wouldn’t try to pretend I’m a thug if I grew up in a house with fancy persian rugs
I’m not tryna pretend I’m a real g see Ive shot guns but those fuckin things done scare me
I’m not tryna pretend my familial connections didn’t get me a record deal dude yer a politician winnin elections so so real lies- yeh muthafucka I want salt and ketchup with my fries-

cause I’m so smooth
fuck dancin to everybody elses beat
I got my own groove muthafucka
I gotta wear these shoes on my feet BEEEAAATCH

You can get yer own mic you can start cursin
you can say some crazy shit and go on enemy turf an
You can start dancin and film it for your friends-
You can take selfies and pretend that you are a real person-
Yer packaged yer manufactured fresh out the factory sealed but its been hella tampered
WITH you are a copy of someones carbon-
someones elses carbon someone carbon made by IG FARBEN

They took off some zeroes and replaced some ones- added some different tattoo’s and with they publicists spun a story of yer real thug life hunky dory tales in which you slayed whales and gave no fucks damn son yer life was rough- yer so buff and tuff here's all my money give me that real stuff

yer a copy of someones else's carbon-
someones else's carbon made by IG FARBEN x9001

Mentally- mentally

Rhyme another time is you don’t feel things are smooth enough for you what we gotta do to make you comfortable
I’m sittin here at this rhyme table tellin my fables mic and cable- rap a rabel rap a rebel fix my levels fix my errors tune my auto add more to my quite thin bravado- fuck em all is my motto- don’t bring the poetry bring the slam you afraid to be a real rapper come on on my man- I don’t sound like Rakim but I still hella slam

Rippin all night now I’m goin off kilter rippin on the mic drinkin coffee without filter- ripping on the mic like I’m quite raw gluten free vegan non gmo I can do that shit too where I sound like have brain damage rhyme slow- but not for no not for no

We the weirdo brigade we is just me til the degree of strange is higher the number of liars spittin co2 instead fire
while claimin quite the opposite dude I don’t give a shit about my salivary glands you the man but I fire adverbs to yer adverts for your album and they burst bust into flames burning the clothes off all the dames

you too late I already did copulate with them profusely then we ate muesli SON you an exponential floating point number lesser than 1 and I hold the gun on my tongue and I do all this music shit just for fun-

I aint the one whose name you know
I’m just some random weirdo
I aint the one with a publicist
So I can raise my fist and say shit
I aint the one that you wanna see NO
I’m just the one odyssey BRO
Aint no crowds in this back room
on my arms aint no tatoo’s
I’m just a dude thats loves rappin and makin crazy beats even if no one is clappin
I like to rhyme and sing a tad- no I’m not the best but I’m better than many that are takin all yo pennies

No ones clappin so fucking what-
No ones likin on whateverbookgram man man I dont give a fuck man
No one hears me except 3 people fuck thats tight- thats right- everything is all right- everything is right in this world
I aint a megalomanic you here its cool that you there- its coo that you there-


from NU CHRAP, released November 16, 2015




M dot Strange San Jose

The Walt Di$ney of Weirdo's

Filmmaker, Animator, Game Developer, Musician, Artist, Author,

Has a bike.

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