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Tip a cryptogangsta rapper here 17PUcU7tdhhghvwwximtigGGqvp6pcfUzk


I’m a crypto gangsta laughin all the way to the blockchain
I’m a pump and dump hustla with my twitter army I make it rain
Makin all the noobs feel the pain sending all they money down the drain
Follow me with the quickness if you want to get in on this business
I be stocked like fort knox all from spammin the btc-e trollbox
to da moon to da moon I say yeh and they play
We pump we pump then dump then dump
Hear all the suckas scream in pain
Makin it rain with crypto
no 9 to 5 for me yo

I’m a crypto big baller
pump and dump shot caller

Push up yo coin
Push up yo coin honey
I be scoopin up all that noob money

Holla at me on dat btc-e
To the moon to the moon I say we don’t play
Stocked like fort knoX spamming many a troll box
Pump and dump on yo face yeh
Pump and dump you all to waste
Pump and dump with me
Pump and dump it aint even funny
we makin all dat crypto money yeh
makin all dat crypto money

To the moon to the moon muthafucka ha ha
To the moon to the moon we rippin off these suckas ha ha

Laughin all the way to the wallet
bitch thats where my coin is thats what I call it
Mined all my coin off the blockchain
Then I stored that shit in my brain
I got crypto on my mind
Stared at my screen for so long I should be blind

I watch them prices go up and down up and down
I bag it all when it hits the ground yall awww
Then I pump I pump I dump I dump
But I aint greedy I share with you the needy
Cmon pump and dump with me yeah

A pump and dump we go
Let all the coin flow
A pump and dump we go
If you dont catch on yer too slow
A pump and dump we go


released December 4, 2013




M dot Strange San Jose

The Walt Di$ney of Weirdo's

Filmmaker, Animator, Game Developer, Musician, Artist, Author,

Has a bike.

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