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everyone is dead with letters in they heads
wondering where life is now how can this be

everyone in fear with plastic in they ears
wondering where life is now how can this be

everyone has plans with smartphone on they hands
wondering where life is now how can this be

does it exist with or without me how
can it be that no one can see me or hear me they only fear me because of they tv
they dead they head bled fear monetized the bullshit spew never scrutinized
so i cant sympathize with the walking dead

Walking dead they all around these streets
They say hey I love retarded feats
Walking dead they all around yo house
they want to kill you and your mouse

Walking dead they like to be a slave
They say I want to be locked up to keep me safe

Walking dead they say these words can kill me
Please keep me safe please come on please pill me

Walking dead they want to ban my speech
They say its dangerous to disagree

I've seen a lot of stupid things in my years
I've seen a lot of stupid things people done outta fear
I've seen a alot of stupid things but this takes the beer
aint havin a cake cause this fucking stupid shit gives me the worst muthafuckin headache

no one really knows what the future holds
So when someone tells you they do you know they are


from Songs of fear and despair, released August 23, 2020




M dot Strange San Jose

Making everything stranger.

Filmmaker, Animator, Game Developer, Musician, Artist, Author,

Has a bike.

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