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We got that nu chrap- neutralizing rap with chiptune basslines drop d guitar licks and that trappy 808 bass kick

yeh boy I bring it anew this sounds like the childhood that a muthafucka done went through

We got chrap metal- droppin 8 bit bass- distorted hard guitar in yer muthafuckin face-

I bust rhymes a little and sing a tad- I may look white but I got more skills then the average ch chad-

I like the thug shit- I like metal- I like chiptune- so I bring nu chrap straight from this guero

Nu chrap metal chiptune rap bass and treble and you must you must worship the devil

Woah e oh we oh we oh ah
Yay e ay e ay e ayyyyy

Woah e oooah e yay e yay- chiptune with more hood dont hate-
Woah e oh e oh e ay lady is what the radio was sangin in the eighties-

I have no hood in reality
My hood is old video games its me rockin pac and public enemy
My hood is Korn, Pantera, Sepultura- the deftones-
Just me alone with video games and the music- now I take all them genre’s and hella abuse it


Ya see I bring it strange Im a grown ass man but I still feel the pain of life
The pain of strife the pain of bein a misanthropic muthafucka
The pain one feels when there into metal and all they hear is acoustic shit I like distortion consider me a rebel
The pain one feels when they love the rhyme skills and all they hear is some scrawny wannabe slim shady rappin bout how fast he can spit dude but yer sayin nuthin so who gives a shit blababababaaaaa
Fuck all that noise fuck the girls fuck the boys- fuck them and their autotune toys
OH SNAP imma trap imma trap immma trap metal and hella worship the devil

I live in the chap metal my mind is always pushin on the pedal
Make it faster make it crazier make it how it feels in yer mind
Make it chiptune make it hip hop make it metal make it hella evil and joke around about worshippin the devil


from NU CHRAP, released November 16, 2015




M dot Strange San Jose

The Walt Di$ney of Weirdo's

Filmmaker, Animator, Game Developer, Musician, Artist, Author,

Has a bike.

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