by M dot Strange

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Israel as Master
U.S.A. as Blaster


Satan is your friend till the end
Satan gives me a helping hand in the time of need
Satan kills my enemies with fire and poisonous snakes
Satan is there for me he's there for you
Just when you're blue
Satan saves lives
With knives and bombs and evil

Satan is your god
He protects you with drone strikes
Satan is your god
Worship me
I am the money
Give a fuck about anybody but yourself?
Hell no!
Live in a world of shit for all eternity
And you'll see muthafucking humans
You're all doomed.


released May 25, 2012
Based on a true story




M dot Strange San Jose

The Walt Di$ney of Weirdo's

Filmmaker, Animator, Game Developer, Musician, Artist, Author,

Has a bike.

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